Wolf Requiem is the team leader of WIND STARS. He drives a purple Nissan 300ZX/Fairlady Z Twin Turbo (GCZ32) with a custom hood, body kit, side mirrors, wheel arches, rear spoiler, headlights, and headlight eyebrows.

Driver Info Edit

"Seven years ago, he lost a driving buddy in a car accident and the team dispersed. He encountered another racer with a similar hurt in his heart and formed a new team."

Car Info Edit

"As if there was nothing else to lose, he exhibits a forceful and dangerous driving manner. He brings the engine close to the point of blowing up, and he doesn't let up on the accelerator, even when cornering."

Rewards Edit

  • WIND STARS sticker
  • Nissan 300ZX/Fairlady Z Twin Turbo 2by2 (GCZ32)

Trivia Edit

  • In the Japanese version of the game, Wolf Requiem's real name is Kiyoshi Onizuka (which would be his real name in the US version of Import Tuner Challenge) and the Japanese versions of other TXR titles.
  • Wolf Requiem, as well as teammate Fleet-footed Valkyrie, return in Import Tuner Challenge as Wanderers after WIND STARS disbanded.
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