Whirlwind Fanfare is a Wanderer in Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3. She drives a red Suzuki Wagon R (MC22S) with a custom hood, grille, body kit, wheel arches, and gray wheels.

Driver Info Edit

"The mother of an only child, her hobby is chasing bands. Since her husband is currently overseas on business, she is staying with her parents in Ashiya in Hyogo Prefecture."

Car Info Edit

"She left the car that she used on the highway back home, so she is using the car at her parents' house. she is customizing the car unbeknownst to her parents."

Appearance Edit

She can be found on the Sakai In (Osaka), but it is very difficult to get her to appear. Here's why:

To race her, you MUST have 100,000,000 CP. In the Japanese version of the game, CP is measured in yen and it is possible to have 100,000,000 CP. In the NTSC version of the game, CP is measured in dollars, and the maximum amount of CP you can have is 99,999,990 CP. The ONLY way to get 100,000,000 CP in the NTSC version is by cheating! If you have Gameshark, put in a cheat code for unlimited CP, and then put the game in and proceed as normal. You should be able to get her to appear if you've done this correctly.

Rewards Edit

  • Whirlwind Fanfare sticker
  • Suzuki Wagon R RR RR-SWT (MC22S), if not yet unlocked

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only time in the TXR series where she can be found in Osaka (usually she is in Tokyo).
  • This is also the only time she drives a Kei car.
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