• MadDriver100

    Hello users! I am putting the word out that many pages within the rivals sections do not have images of the rival cars yet. If anyone has high-quality images of the rivals' cars could you help add them to the respective rival page(s)?

    I would like to add some images but I don't want to use the phone camera to take a picture of the television screen. I know that there is a way to take an image of a screenshot but don't know how to do that from the PS2.

    There are some pages that have images for the rival cars; those can be used for reference regarding the angles/views of the cars if you are unsure what images to post. Each car should have the following images:

    -A front view

    -Side views (of both the left and right sides)

    -A rear view

    In the case of…

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  • MadDriver100

    How do I link a page?

    December 14, 2017 by MadDriver100

    Hello everyone!

    I noticed that there is a page for Blood Hound (TXR:0) on the Tokyo Xtreme Racer Wiki but there is not a link to that page from the Rivals (TXR:0) page. For example, I had to access the Blood Hound (TXR:0) page from a link to the image of Blood Hound's car on Google Images. Is there a way to change the "Blood Hound" wording on the Rivals (TXR:0) page to where it links to the Blood Hound (TXR:0) page and pulls that page up when you click on it? I think this would be helpful for navigating the site.

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