Hello! I recently completed my bachelor's degree in digital media, and in my spare time I am an avid gamer and car enthusiast. Sometimes I don't have enough spare time...but I add information on the wikis I follow the most. I mostly play racing games but sometimes I play games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, or any of the recent South Park games. I became a Wikia user in 2017, and noticed that there are some wikis missing some information...or in the case of the Tokyo Xtreme Racer wiki, A LOT of information. And that's where I stepped in.

I have played games in the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series since 2005. I've owned Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 (the first TXR game I owned), Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift, Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2, and Import Tuner Challenge at some point in my life, and had some experience with the other titles at a friend's house. Unfortunately, there is no footage of my gameplay as I was undefeated for the most part. The TXR games helped me achieve unrealistic dreams I had, including racing on Japan's highways, driving and tuning Supras, Skylines, etc., and designing custom paint schemes. However, after I was able to look at some JDM cars at a specialty car dealer (in the US), and even getting in the driver's seat of a 1992 Nissan Skyline GTS Turbo (right-hand drive!), some of these dreams were realistic.

In TXR3, I owned multiple 8-bit pattern camouflage cars (I did the camo designs myself) and I've beaten Jintei at one point, but one day I accidentally overwritten that game save with another Quest mode file. I did have a different Quest mode on another memory card that was in stage 2, but without the camouflage cars (second playthrough). I have done a total three different playthroughs (I'll refer to playthroughs as "#PT") in TXR3. Eventually I brought back the camouflage cars in my 3PT and created several Quest mode profiles on the many PS2 memory cards I own, with each profile starting with a different car and location. I had many cars with partially-finished paint jobs but here are the completed finished camouflage cars I had at one point or another in TXR3:

  • A lime green/dark green/black Chevrolet Corvette C5 with a V8 Turbo engine swap (the engine swap occurred after defeating Jintei on the 1PT)
  • An aqua/pink/brown Toyota Mark II Grande iR-V (my first car once I started over from scratch on the 3PT)
  • A purple/green/yellow "Mardi Gras" Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo Z32 (it topped over 200+ mph; I bought it during the 3PT to replace the Mark II as my primary car once Wolf Requiem was defeated - it was faster than the Mark II and made Mosquito Lemon appear - killed two birds with one stone)

I did defeat Electric Shark while driving a Daihatsu Move once - I battled Osaka Blond, but didn't realize that driving with flashers on and hitting walls (which occurred during the battle) would cause Electric Shark to appear once that battle was finished :/ The full experience can be found under Electric Shark's wiki page within the Rivals:TXR3 section.

As for the Wanderers with the time requirements (Past 12 o'clock Cinderella, The Death Driver, Master Position), I did defeat them at some point without having to change my PS2's clock (it was, and still is, set to North American EST 12-hour time) by meeting the other part of the requirements (I defeated Past 12 o'clock Cinderella and Master Position with the same car - a Corvette). The Death Driver just appeared randomly in the Kasumigaseki tunnel on the second and third playthroughs.

During the timeframe in which I was playing TXR3, I had no idea that there was more detailed Wanderer requirement information online, nor did I know about Gameshark and having to "cheat" to defeat Whirlwind Fanfare. "Her hobby is chasing bands?" How does that tell me that 100,000,000 CP is needed to battle her? I thought that meant have 5+ cars or something along those lines (in Import Tuner Challenge, she'll race anyone with 3 or more cars). Otherwise I would have finished the game quickly. Other notable times where a vague Wanderer requirement resulted in a "no show" or "repeatedly battle canceled" included:

  • Cram Instructor - The rival description doesn't say anything in the driver info about driving an FF car; it says "he refuses to fight against weak racers who use shift assist." I turned shift assist off when I battled out in his area, hoping for him to appear, and as a result I preferred having shift assist off on straight roads with minimal braking points (such as Nagoya) because my non-turbo Corvette (on my 2PT) kept shifting into 6th when reaching 198 mph, and when it did, my speed slowly started decreasing until it downshifted into 5th, and then the cycle restarted. Deactivating shift assist meant that I could maintain 198 mph although the chances of blowing my motor increased. As for Cram Instructor - I could tell in the "white outline" in the rival list that he drove an FTO - I thought "an FTO! That would be easy (to beat him)!" He never appeared.
  • YV Gen-san - The rival description clearly doesn't state that you have to drive a 600 kg (or lighter) car for him to appear. I thought he just appeared on the weekends. Well, he never did show up.
  • Wild Child - Although he did actually appear, determining what "Naniwa" was in Japanese letters was difficult. I never actually had a car that had a Naniwa license plate, because he kept rejecting my attempts to challenge him. Adding insult to injury, TXR3 did not have English translations of the locations' symbols - and I only translated about 15 of them (sadly, Naniwa was not one of them). I would have benefited from playing Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero before playing TXR3 - the symbols had their English names on the license plate select screen in TXR:Zero. Note that I wasn't familiar with the TXR series when I bought TXR3.
  • Gold License - Like Wild Child, he actually appeared. And canceled the battle immediately. I thought as long as I didn't drive reckless around him, he would race me. BUT NOOOOOOO, he didn't. Flashing lights before passing other cars and driving slower than usual didn't help my case.

Well, now I know this stuff, mainly because I've contributed it to this wiki.

As for ITC, I owned a lime green Toyota Crown with a license plate that read "CROWN3D" - that was my primary car there although I owned just about everything else in that game too. I completed 99% of ITC without a loss, but two Wanderers, Bright Age and Shinji the Harbinger, never showed up and I never got a chance to race the Devil Z driven by ???, and therefore never finished the game. The most intriguing rival from Import Tuner Challenge was Unbalanced Ishii; his requirement made me laugh, as well as the battle afterward. Even with mismatched wheels and unbalanced tires, I still made him eat my dust. I actually took his street name to new heights by referring to cars in real life with mismatched wheels as "Unbalanced Ishiis" (which I continue to do to this day).

I didn't get too far into TXRD (drove a Toyota Vitz RS 1.5 - I regret that decision), but I did own a Mazda6 followed up by a Toyota Caldina in TXRD2, each with the Mazoria color (the color-changing paint job). The Caldina was a fun car and I was dominating! But I never realized that I didn't face more than half of the game's rivals until I discovered the full rival list.

I haven't actually had a lot of time to play these games - I ended up getting rid of ITC - along with my first Xbox 360 and all of its games - after that Xbox 360 had the dreaded "Red Ring of Death." I did sell TXRD and TXRD2 (as well as other non-TXR titles not listed here) while in college due to the reduced time I have to play video games and that I spent more time on certain titles. But I can still give you a lot of TXR-related information if you asked me, and TXR isn't out of my life and will never be out of my life - I am still passionate about it and I have friends who own the games too, so I play those games when I am over with them. I might even re-buy ITC, TXRD, and TXRD2 if I get the chance :)

Someday I might even design my own video game - it is a real possibility!

Other game series I've played: Edit

  • Need for Speed
  • Gran Turismo
  • Forza
  • Burnout
  • Choro Q
  • Dirt
  • EA Sports NASCAR
  • Madden NFL
  • Mario
  • Battlefield
  • Call of Duty
  • South Park (The Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole)

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Tokyo Xtreme Racer wiki
  • Choro Q wiki
  • Simpsons wiki
  • Impractical Jokers wiki
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