???/Unknown is the canonical final boss in the Tokyo Xtreme Racer Series in most games, except for Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3, where he was replaced by A ghost with the same name, and Street Supremacy, where he was meerly a Wanderer.

Game Appearances Edit

He first debuted in Tokyo Xtreme Racer for the DreamCast, where he was the final boss. This would be the first of many times he would hold this role. His custom S30 can be unlocked by completing Quick Race mode.

He returned in Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2 once again as the final boss. However, his car was not a Custom vehicle in this game, due to TXR2 not having them to begin with. This is the only game where he does not drive a Custom car.

In Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero, he drives a dark blue Type-S30ZX, his own Custom car. His driving skills and car power are very high compared to the other bosses. ??? accelerates much faster than both Speed King and White Charisma to 263 mph. Fortunately, the AI itself has trouble controlling the over-steer prone handling of the car.

In Street Supremacy, he appears as a Level 50 racer under the name "Driver With No Name", and drives a custom S30 with lightning decals. This is the only game where he is not a Boss, Instead being a Wanderer. It is possible that this rendition of the character is a different driver using the same name.

In Import Tuner Challenge, ??? returns as the final boss in a dark blue S30CuUK after the player has defeated all the teams, bosses, and Wanderers.

He also made an appearance in Racing Battle C1GP as yet again the final boss, but instead of his traditional S30, he now drives a custom Z33-based Fairlady Z, but with some part of his car being his traditionnal S30.

Bios Edit

Tokyo Xtreme Racer Bio Edit

"Said to be the ghost of a legendary driver who died 10 years ago. None have faced him and lived to tell the tale."

First Bio (Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2) Edit

"Legendary racer completely shrouded in mystery. Nobody has ever actually met him. Rumored to appear when there is another racer like him."

Second Bio (Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2) Edit

"No one can tell where this mysterious figure will appear next."

First Bio (Zero) Edit

"Legendary racer completely shrouded in mystery. Nobody has ever actually met him. Rumored to appear when there is another racer like him."

Second Bio (Zero) Edit

"The outside looks classic, but the inside is completely different. Powerful acceleration and out of line turning ability are adequate for the legend."

First Bio (Street Supremacy) Edit

"One legend describes him as a demon stalking the Tokyo Highway. Other stories vary, but everyone agrees: This guy is fast. He believes he's the absolute best, and will only speak to drivers he feels are able to comprehend his level of ability"

Second Bio (Street Supremacy) Edit

"Underneath his car's classic exterior is a twin-turbo powerhouse that generates neck-breaking acceleration. His cornering ability is baffling. Some speculate he's not the original, but rather a protege of the Driver with No Name."

Racing Battle C1GP (no English version available) Edit


(Translated to English: "There are various rumors such as" the devil nestling in the capital "and the legendary runner's ghost, but what can be said in common in any theory is that it only appears in front of those who have truly run It is. The tremendous acceleration power and turning performance beyond common sense is just a legend. It is said that the chasing person's energy is reduced when he is ahead, and the pressure is constantly applied during the chase. )

Import Tuner Challenge Bio Edit

"Known as "The Demon of the Metro" or "The Ghost of a Legendary Racer", he won't appear unless his opponent has truly mastered racing. The body is a famous old car, but there is something different inside. His magical acceleration and cornering is legendary. If he's ahead he saps the will of his opponent and if he's behind, he keeps up the pressure."

Gallery Edit

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