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UnbalancedHeart WindshieldDecal

Unbalanced Heart's windshield decal

Unbalanced Heart is a Wanderer in Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero. His real name is Jason Sanders (in the US version) or Satoshi Ishii (in the JP version), and is rival #356 out of 400.

Requirement Edit

To get him to appear, drive a car with less than 31 miles (50 kms) on the odometer. He can be found on the Wangan South Bound.

In-Game Description (TXR:0) Edit

Initial Description Edit

"Although young, his thinning hair makes him look much older. People often say, "You drive like a youngster even though you are so old."

Description (shown after beaten) Edit

"He focuses more on suspension rather than power. He has the air conditioning on all the time because he thinks that moisture in the air damages his hair."

Car Information Edit

They drive a Nissan Silvia K's 1800cc (Type-S13K) in Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero.

Color Edit

Color 1 Edit

RGB: R 144, G 10, B 10

Color 2 Edit

RGB: R 144, G 10, B 10

Car Specs Edit

Drivetrain Weight Horsepower Displacement
FR 2320Lb 354 HP 1809 cc
  • FR means front-engine, rear wheel drive

Trivia Edit

In the Japanese version of Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero, Unbalanced Heart goes by the rival name Unbalance Ishii.

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