Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2, known as Kaido Racer 2 in Europe and as Kaido Battle : Touge no Densetsu in Japan, is a touge simulator created by Genki for the PlayStation 2. It was the 3rd game of the Kaido series. It featured laser traced touge courses and licensed cars.

Plot Edit

The story is set just after Kaido Battle 2 : Chain Reaction and after Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3, but before Import Tuner Challenge, as Speed King rebuilt temporary his team.

Intro :

The "Kaido Circuit" extends throughout Japan. High speed battles unfold as drivers enter all kinds of races, seeking to test themselves. Striving for the top, racers battle one another day after day.

At night, the dark side of the Circuit emerges : a private world known only to racers, where "Survival of the Fittest" is the only rule. Gossip leads to rumors, and rumors grow into the stiff of legend...

One such legendary racer once existed. He was called the Emotional King, a veritable God in the Kaido World. However, they say that he suddenly vanished after a race in Aso...

With the Emotional King gone from the Kaido night scene, two dominant figures emerged : Absolute Emperor and Miracles Summit.

They came from Category Races and were already "legitimate" racers. These 2 are now rumored to be the best that Kaido has to offer.

Then a legendary metropolitan team, The Thirteen Devils, apparently took it upon themselves to stem the flow of metropolitan racers crossing over into Kaido.

Can anyone defeat the Absolute Emperor and Miracles Summit?

What has become of the Emotional King?

Has the Kaido Circuit really been overrun by the Thirteen Devils?

And where is the next legendary racer?

As the battle begins, a team has been formed to fight against the 13 Devils : Kingdom Twelve, whom their leader's real identity is mysterious.

In the meantime, all Slashers (Stage 1 : MMC Ooaza and World Supremacy, Stage 2 : Haruna Guardian, Lonely Wanderer and Metal Wizard, Stage 3 : Final Leg, New Moon and Global Winner) and the double aces Yeti Fang and Murder Supremacy are preparing themsleves as the 13 Devils may eventually challenge them.

While everyone is ready, the player arrives and defeats every Slashers who ask if he/she would join them against the 13 Devils. Meanwhile, after Global Winner's defeat, Kyoichi Imaizumi (Yeti Fang) and Tastu Zoshigaya (Supremacy Murder), described as 2 witnesses of the last battle, discuss about that battle :

"What did you think of that battle?"

"Hmm... He races rough, but still fast. He's obviously not from the racing circuit..."

"Yeah, I agree. He came here on his own, and he's out to battle us now. We've got nowhere left to run. All we can do now is accept his challenge."

"Fine. I'll make it perfectly clear who the better racer is. My technique is tempered by experience, it's unbeatable. What I want to know is, where did he come from..?"

Then, both the Kingdom Twelve and the Thirteen Devils are being defeated one by one. Meanwhile, a person begins to doubt about Kingdom's objective as it seems that the leaders are strangely friendly. Furthermore, after the player defeats Timber Slash, the identity of Kingdom Twelve's leader is revealed by her : Hamagaki, the former Emotional King, AKA Kaido President. Apparently, he lost against Kokami just before Zoshigaya beat him.

As both the Absolute Emperor and Miracles Summit were defeated, a new course has been opened : Hokkaido, where only the best drivers are there. By reading the messages, the player can see that the 13 Devils' leader is here : Motoya Iwasaki, AKA Speed King, and some legend drivers are here, such as God Shift Bunta, the High Empress (former Lovers' leader) and someone who drives a black and red Lancer Evolution III but no one can remember his identity.

When the Empress is defeated, the real goal of the Kingdom Twelve is revealed by her as she was recruited by Hamagaki, but declined his offer : "Kingdom Twelve's ostensible goal is to get all the Tokyo racers and all the highway racers under their thumb. Then, once they've conquered the highways, they'll transform into the ultimate rally team and make a new start", meaning that Hamagaki wants to build his own "racing utopia".

As Kaido President and Speed King are defeated, the black and red Lancer Evolution III is revealed to be the long lost Emotional King : Taiju Kokami, who wanted to make a fresh start as Emotional King. After his defeat, a new team shows up after the great battle : Revival Of Sodom, lead by Zaiga Koshigaya, who appears to have known Kokami for a long time as he was his friend. Even though Zoshigaya is one of the best drivers, he lost to them, so everyone asked if the player can do something about them as the new legendary racer.


The game is divided into several modes.

Conquest: This is the game's career mode. You race rivals at night while competing in various events during the day. The story is told through a BBS system, and a lot of the rivals are from Genki's Shutokoubatoru series. Many have different nicknames, as well as cars. Some rivals were cameo characters from various racing manga, such as Initial D (usually the "blind attack", the AE86 Hakone's Trickster), Over Rev (double Tricksters at Hiroshima), and Wangan Midnight (blue Z).

Record Challenge: In this mode, you compete can set your own records in corner artist (drift), or time attack mode.

Record tour simulates a rallying event, by taking existing courses and adding dirt to it randomly. You are then given a score based on how you rank, which progresses to the next stage.

Simulation RealismEdit

The development of the game was supervised by former touge drivers, professional drifters and racers Manabu Orido, and Nobuteru Taniguichi. A lot of attention was given to making it feel like a touge simulator.

Steering Wheel SupportEdit

Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2 supported the 900-degree force feedback features of the Driving force pro, to create a realistic driving experience. If a Logitech G25, Driving Force GT, or G27, it would read it like a Driving force pro. The faster countersteer of a higher grade wheel often helps with drifting.

Car ListEdit

Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2 featured the most licensed cars of all of the Tokyo Xtreme Racer games.

-Alfa Romeo
155 Q4 
156 GTA 

RS4 Avant 

Abarth 1000 TCR 


TURBO R-GT 320 (hidden in Drift 2 has no body, performance exists)


Midget II R Type 
Mira TR-XX 
Mira Avy RS 
Storia X-4 

City Turbo II 
Civic SiR II 
Civic Type R 98 
Civic Type R 01 
Prelude Si VTEC 
Prelude Type S 
Integra Si VTEC 
Integra Type R(DC2) 
Integra Type R(DC5) 
Accord Euro R(CL1) 
Accord Euro R(CL7) 
S2000 Type V 
NSX Type R(NA1) 
NSX Type R(NA2) 

MX-5 Miata(NA8C) 
MX-5 Miata(NB8C)Turbo 
MX-5 Miata(NB8C)NA 
RX-7 Savanna Turbo GT (SA22) 
RX-7 1.3 GT-X (FC3S) 
RX-7 (FC3S)
enfini RX-7 TYPE RS (FD3S) 
RX-8 Type S (SE3P)

Colt Sport X 
Mirage Cyborg R 
Mirage Cyborg ZR 
Mirage Asti RX 
FTO GP Version R 
Galant VR-4(EC5A) 
Galant VR-4(E39A) 
Lancer Evo 1 GSR 
Lancer Evo 2 GSR 
Lancer Evo 3 GSR 
Lancer Evo 4 
Lancer Evo 5 
Lancer Evo 6 
Lancer Evo 7 
Lancer Evo 8 
Lancer Evo 8 MR 
Starion GSR-VR 

March R 
March G# 
March 12SR 
Bluebird SSS-R 
Pulsar GTI-R 
Pulsar VZ-R N1 
Sunny Truck 
Gazelle Turbo RS-X 
180SX Type II 
180SX Type X 
180SX Type X (Different Bodykit) 
Silvia Turbo R-X.G 
Silvia K's S13 
Silvia Club K's S13 
Silvia K's S14 
Silvia K's CS14 
Silvia Spec-R S15 
Primera 2.0Te 
Primera 20V 
Laurel Club S 
Laurel 25 Club S(GC34) 
Laurel 25 Club S(GC35) 
Cefiro Cruising 
Skyline Turbo RS-X 
Skyline GTS Turbo 
Skyline GTS-R 
Skyline GTS-t 
Skyline GT-R Vspec II(BNR32) 
Skyline GTS25t(ECR33) 
Skyline GTS25t(ECR33)(Different Bodykit) 
Skyline GT-R Vspec(BCNR33) 
Skyline 25GT Turbo(ER34) 
Skyline GT-R Vspec II(BNR34) 
Skyline 350GT 
Skyline 350GT Coupe 
Stagea 260RS 
Stagea 350RX 4 
Fairlady Z 240Z 
Fairlady Z 280Z-T 
Fairlady Z 300XZ 
Fairlady Z Version S 
Fairlady Z Version ST 

Vivio RX-R 
Impreza WRX STi(GC8) 
Impreza WRX STi Ver.2(GC8) 
Impreza WRX STi Ver.3(GC8) 
Impreza WRX STi Ver.4(GC8) 
Impreza WRX STi Ver.5(GF-GC8) 
Impreza WRX STi Ver.6(GF-GC8) 
Impreza 22B STi 
Impreza WRX STi(GDB) 
Impreza STi(V Limited)(GDB) 
Impreza WRX STi Wagon Ver.6(GF8) 
Impreza STi Sports Wagon(GH-GGB) 
Impreza WRX Wagon(TA-GGA) 
Forester S/tb STi2 
Forester STi 
Legacy Touring Wagon(BF5) 
Legacy RS(BC5) 
Legacy Touring Wagon(BG5) 
Legacy RS(BD5) 
Legacy Touring Wagon(BH5) 
Legacy B4 RSK(BE5) 
Legacy Blitzen(BE5) 
Legacy S401(BE5) 
Legacy B4 2.0GT Spec B(BL5) 
Legacy Touring Wagon(BP5) 
Alcyone SVX(CXD) 

Carry 660 Turbo 
Alto Works 660 RS/R 
Alto Works RS-Z VVT 
Kei Sport R 
Swift Sport 

IST 1.5S 
Starlet Turbo S 
Starlet GT 
Starlet GT(Face Lift) 
Starlet Glanza V 
Vitz RS 
Levin 1500SR 
Trueno 1500SR 
Levin GT-APEX 
Levin GT-APEX(Different Body Kit) 
Levin GT-APEX(2-Door) 
Levin GT-APEX(2-Door)(Different Body Kit) 
Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX 
Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX(Different Body Kit) 
Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX(2-Door) 
Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX(2-Door)(Different Body Kit) 
Corolla Levin 1.6 GT-Z 
Sprinter Trueno 1.6 GT-Z 
Corolla Levin BZ-R 
Sprinter Trueno BZ-R 
Celica GT-Four(ST165) 
Celica GT-Four(ST185) 
Celica GT-Four(ST205) 
Celica SS-II 
Celica XX 2800GT 
Caldina GT-Four 
MR2 G-Super Charger 
MR-S 1.8 V Edition 
MR-S VM180 Zagato 
Altezza RS200 
Mark II Tourer V(JZX90) 
Mark II Tourer V(JZX100) 
Mark II IR-V(JZX110) 
Chaser Tourer V(JZX100) 
Verossa 2.5 VR25 
Soarer 3.0GT Limited 
Supra 2.5GT 
Supra RZ 

205 Turbo 16 

5 Turbo 
Clio V6 24V 

Golf R32 
New Beetle RSi 

Ridox Supra 
NOB Silvia 
Amemiya RX-7 
Fujitsubo Lancer 
Fujitsubo Impreza 
Mine's Skyline 
5Zigen Integra 
Genki S2000 
HKS Silvia 
HKS Altezza 
Blitz Nomura Skyline 
Project U Yoshioka Levin 
DRFT Utsumi RX-7 
RS-R Hayashida Silvia 
ORC Izumida Fairlady Z 
Gunma Mitsubishi Lancer TGM 
Ralliart Lancer Evolution 9 SP 
Citroen Xsara Kit Car 
Peugeot 206 V.2000 
Lancer EVO 8 SP Rally Version 
Starion 4WD Rally 
Impreza SP Version 
Fiat Punto Rally 
Opel Corsa Super 1600 
Clio Super 1600 
Ignis Super 1600 
Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II 
Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo I

Course ListEdit

Tokyo Xtreme Racer featured a variety of courses, that were all based off real touge roads and laser traced.

Hakone, Hiroshima, Haruna, Akagi, Ura Rokko, Omote Rokko, Shiga Kusatsu, Nikko Stage, Zao, Aso, Hokkaido, Hakone Nanamagari, Usuitouge, Myougisan, Yokohama, Happogahra, Kirigamine, Yukinootani, Otarumi


The game was reasonably popular in Japan. In North America, it was given mostly negative reviews from editors. Despite this, it became a cult favorite among many followers. Many find it more fun than any other racing game. Some think it rivals Gran Turismo 5 in realistic handling. Many are still hoping for a sequel.



Critic ScoreEdit

Generally Unfavorable

46 based on 8 critic reviews

User ScoreEdit

Generally Favorable

8.9 out of 10 based on 16 ratings


-Kaido Touge no Densetsu, included some decals and the Gemballa which was not included in Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2. However, these can be accessed through live memory in the game. It is just that it is locked away from the US and Europe region. Maker-1 and Maker-2 do not exist at all though in the US build.

-This was the only Genki racing project game to support 900-degree steering and realistic force feedback from Logitech wheels.

-Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2 is considered the most popular Genki racing project game among thextremeracers message board.

-Despite being called 2, it is really the 3rd game of the series, since Kaido Chain Reaction was never released in North America.

-rfactor's course: akagi touge by Project Kaido was based off the Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2 version of the course. The name of the creator also paid tribute to the series with its production name.

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