Stalking Hammer, formerly Fast Phobe (TXR:Zero) or Stalker Hammer (TXR3) is a reoccuring Wanderer in the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series. In Import Tuner Challenge, he returns to Tokyo and drives a custom Toyota Celsior called Stalking Hammer (UCF31CuSH) with a blue, black, and white flame paint job.

Information Edit


Stalking Hammer's logo

Name: Takeshi Sakagami

Job: Housing Advisor

Car: Stalking Hammer UCF31CuSH

Profile: Searching for a girl who understands racing and is almost but not quite good as he is at it (big plus if they're hot). Likes to drive directly next to cars being driven by cute girls. Tries to fiercely push them to the PA and hit on them, but this technique has yet to succeed. Went to the trouble of reverse-importing an exported Celsior. Has lowered his ride height to its limit and decorated the car to look like a gangster's. His reasons for this are unknown.

Rumor: He shows up on Route 4 when he hears there's a driver who has 2 or more of the same car.

Pictures of Stalking Hammer's car Edit

Rewards Edit

  • Stalking Hammer sticker
  • Stalking Hammer (UCF31CuSH)
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