The Naginata (Type MS-14S) is one of the Boss cars, and is driven by The Red Devil.


This is a heavily modified Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (BNR34) and the only vehicle in the game with a hood ornament.  The car takes inspiration from the Gelgoog (Char Custom) from Mobile Suit Gundam (1979 tv series) but isn't the first time the Crimson Demon has done so.

Another notable feature is the fact that there is a brake light integrated into the bonnet, just under the the Commander's Horn from the Gelgoog.  Not only that, it also has a small section around the light that is painted to resemble the face of the Gelgoog.

Power, Weight and other detailsEdit

Overall, this is the second-most powerful GT-R in the game (second only to the Emperor, and not including engine-swapped GT-Rs) topping around 701 metric horsepower (PS) at max power.  Unlike the non-custom R34, and like all other custom cars in the game, only the motor can be modified.

It also weighs in at 1400 kg, but cannot be lightened any further.

The transmission, suspension, clutch, brakes, and tires have already been installed.  Unfortunately, brakes (as with all other customs, and the two Gemballas), aero, boost pressure, nor the 4WD controller be accessed in the tuning menu.






Driven By

"The Red Devil"