The Honda Accord (Type 4BV) sedan and (Type 4BU) coupe have

the same horspepower and displacment specfications but different weight ratings and dimensions.

The Coupe is slightly lighter and shorter than the Sedan.

Honda Accord EX Sedan (Type 4BV)Edit

US Spec Accord sedan

A Honda Accord (US Spec) Sedan

The Honda Accord coupe was one of the most popular Japanese Mid-Size Sedans to be sold in North America. It is very light in weight which is very fast for a Sedan.

Honda Accord EX Coupe (Type 4BU)Edit

Honda Accord coupe

A Honda Accord (US Spec) Coupe

The Honda Accord coupe is one of the most popular

Japenese coupes to be sold in north america. It is lighter and shorter which makes it marginally faster and nimbler.