There are 114 cars in Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3. Cars are arranged by manufacturers in alphabetical order, followed by custom and special cars; the car names are listed in alphabetical order under each manufacturer.

Manufacturers Edit

Daihatsu Edit

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GM (includes Chevrolet and Pontiac) Edit

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Toyota (includes Lexus models) Edit

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  • Alias the J (R32CuJ)
  • Blood Hound (J161CuBH)
  • Dejected Angel (S15CuMA)
  • Duty's Envoy (R32CuDU)
  • Dying Star (Z15ACuDS)
  • Earth's Envoy (R34CuEA)
  • Emperor (R34CuEM)
  • Fire Conductor (J110CuF)
  • Flame Dragon (VGTSCuFD)
  • Grief Pluto (F30CuGP)
  • Heaven's Envoy (R34CuHE)
  • Jack Knife (S13CuJK)
  • Kamikaze (CP9ACuKA)
  • Mad Terrorist (CP9ACuMT)
  • Midnight Cinderella (SE3PCuMC)
  • Midnight Rose (Z15ACuMR)
  • Mountain Conductor (A31CuMt)
  • Naginata (MS-14S)
  • Naniwa's Warship (CP9ACuWS)
  • Nihilism's Envoy (CY25CuNI)
  • Pursuit Tailgunner (FC3SCuTG)
  • Shadow Eyes (A70CuSE)
  • Steal Heart (A80CuSH)
  • Stealth Fighter (CT9ACuSF)
  • Terrible Nuclear (CT9ACuNC)
  • The Bishop (A80CuBI)
  • The Knight (A80CuKN)
  • The Lord (GT40CuLO)
  • The Rook (A80CuRO)
  • Timebomb Stalker (CP9ACuTB)
  • Wind Conductor (J100CuWI)
  • Woods Conductor (BE5CuWO)


Cut cars Edit

  • Peugeot 206 S16
  • Peugeot 406 V6
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